Esther Quatfass

Human Design is a system, tailored to who you are. It shows your
potential, talents and skills. The design displays your unique way
of seeing the world and your sensitivities to external influences.
It provides practical tools to make decisions that fit your
personality and design so that your life experiences greatly improve.

Human Design is a teaching of differentiation, based on modern science and ancient wisdom. The system has influences from biochemistry, quantum mechanics, genetics, astronomy, as well as astrology, Chinese I Ching, Jewish Kabbalah and Vedic chakra teaching.

The Human Design Types

There are five types. The Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.

Each type is defined by an associated decision-making strategy, a specific working of the aura that affects yourself and others, and an internal authority through which you direct your life.

“You can only be what you are. And I can only live out what I am.
Ra Uru Hu