Our mind often tries to be the authority in our lives. In doing so, we are all conditioned to seek permission and authority outside of ourselves and make decisions based on our thinking. But we have a more reliable personal authority for decision-making.
When we live by our strategy, belonging to the type that we are, combined with our personal authority, we align with our unique geometry, or genetic definition. Then we encounter less inner or outer resistance in our lives and things fall into place more naturally. Once we free our mind from the task of making decisions, it can take on the valuable function it should have: perceiving life and conveying our perspectives to other people.

Several Centers in the BodyGraph act in a hierarchical way as a personal Authority and each of them involves a different way of making decisions.

Solar Plexus

If the Solar Plexus is defined in a Bodygraph, then this center is your inner authority. For the Solar Plexus, truth does not exist in the now, but truth forms as time passes. This is because how you experience something depends on your emotional mood. After some time you get a kind of average notion of how you feel about something and whether or not you want to do something.


If the Solar Plexus is not defined, but the Sacral is, then this center is your inner authority. The Sacral usually feels an immediate response to things that come up, which will tell you whether you want to devote your energy to something or not.


Our intuitive energy is subtle and fleeting. Very immediately this energy tells us whether we want to commit to something or not, something that can be different in the next moment. This center is our inner authority when the Solar Plexus and Sacral are undefined and the Spleen is defined.


If the Heart is the inner authority (with an undefined Solar Plexus, Sacral and Spleen), it is your willpower that lets you know whether or not you want to do something.


With an undefined Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen and Heart, the G Center can be your authority if this center is defined. This is the voice of your identity. What your voice expresses is the truth for you.

Other forms of authority are the environment (for mental Projectors) and the lunar cycle (for Reflectors).