All undefined (white, not colored in) Centers in the BodyGraph receive the energy from people who have that same Center defined. Undefined Centers amplify the energy that is received. In undefined Centers you can potentially become "wise" about that particular energy, but there is also a great sensitivity to conditioning, which can lead to the misuse of that received energy. This can throw your body and mind out of balance.

The Head Center produces mental pressure, or inspiration. The inspiration appears as a question, or confusion, that generates a feeling of fear and demands an answer and clarification. About 29% of the population has this Center defined and 71% undefined.
There is a biological association with the pineal gland, an organ that controls the flow of information between the gray brain and the neocortex. The vast majority of our mental processes take place inaccessible to us in the gray brain, in the so-called subconscious. Processing experiences in the form of thoughts, through conceptual measurements, assessments, descriptions and possible utterances (via the Throat Center) in the form of words happens in the Neocortex.
Head defined
A defined Main Center is full of questions. Why? How? What did they mean by that? Is there a hidden meaning? The pressure to know begins with unresolved information that you take in. This process results in a question that you conceptualize into an inspiring idea, or insight. So your mind never stands still. Any attempt to turn off the constant stream of thoughts will fail, as asking questions is how you were designed. It is quite natural that you store large amounts of information in the gray brain, and that you have a great need to be mentally active.
Head undefined
People with an undefined Head Center do not have a consistent way of dealing with mental inspiration. They can get lost in questions that have nothing to do with their own lives and waste mental energy. They can also be guided by mental anxiety and get lost in a perpetual swamp of unsolved thoughts.

In the Ajna Center mental conceptualization takes place. About 47% of people have this Center defined and about 53% undefined. The biological associations with this center are the Neocortex, the Visual Cortex and the Pituitary Gland.
Most people have elevated our mental reasoning abilities to a dominant position in our decision-making. But in reality the Ajna is just an interpreter. It is not a motor and does not generate energy to do. It is only the precursor of being able to speak through the Throat Center.
Ajna defined
With a defined Ajna, it is important to you that others accept and appreciate your concepts. You are good at sharing your mental perception of the world. Your mind never stops. Not only is your mind thinking all the time, but you are thinking in a specific way that gives you a sense of security. Your mind can be logical, abstract, or mystical in nature, or a mixture of all three. Either way, your mind can never be an Authority for you. It's a measuring tool and that's all.
Ajna undefined
With an undefined Ajna you want to be seen as intelligent. There is a danger that you want to measure things conceptually before taking action. This tendency can become a prison for you. In reality, an undefined Ajna is meant to test the validity of others' ideas. Your open mind can mix all kinds of ideas, facts and insights into fascinating multifaceted concepts, because you don't have a constant way of thinking yourself. But your mind can never be a real Authority in your life.

This Center brings metamorphosis, interaction, communication and manifestation. About 72% have the throat defined and about 28% undefined.
The Keel has more Gates (eleven) than any other Center in the Human Design System. All other Centers find their way out through the Keel. The Keel is thus a central hub for all forms of manifestation and expression.
Throat defined
You express yourself consistently through words and/or actions. This also means that the influence you have on your environment is consistent.
Throat undefined
At times you don't know what to say or how to say something. You may have a tendency to over-express yourself in an attempt to draw attention to yourself. Maybe you talk too much and have a problem with being quiet. Still, for you, silence is the natural state. In silence you have the ability to take in what is going on around you and thus know what has not been said but needs to be said.

This is the Center of love, identity and direction. About 57% of the population has a defined G and about 43% an undefined one. The biological association of this center is the liver and blood. The liver determines whether the blood is healthy or not.
G defined
You have a well-defined self-image, which makes you hardly aware of yourself. You just live your life and questions about your identity are of no interest to you.
G undefined
Potentially you can get to know others better than they know themselves because you are here to be aware of other people's identities, which you can try on yourself. This can make you wonder who you really are, because there doesn't seem to be a consistent 'self'. Your self-image is therefore not about identity, but about the part in your BodyGraph that is defined.

The Center of Willpower and Self-Esteem. About 37% of the population has a defined Heart and about 63% an undefined one.
This Center has more biological associations than any other. The gallbladder, stomach, thymus gland and the physical heart itself. It is a powerful engine of willpower. The amount of willpower a person has can be directly related to the amount of praise and respect they receive from those around them.
Heart defined
It is important for you to be respected. When you get that respect, you automatically feel the willpower to bet. You understand how valuable this limited energy is and don't just use it for something. Moreover, you don't want to make a promise that you can't keep, because that affects trust in others.
Willpower is not sustainable energy. That's why you need to rest after an effort to rebuild the energy.
Heart undefined
You don't always know your worth. Because of this you may have a tendency to want to prove yourself. Since you do not have access to willpower yourself, it is better not to promise others anything.

This is the Center of Mind Consciousness and Emotions. About 53% of the population has this Center defined and about 47% undefined.
The Solar Plexus dominates the world we live in. It can rock the world with its emotional energy. It colors everything in the moment, moving back and forth from hope to pain.
The Solar Plexus is one of the three Centers of Consciousness and gives us not only emotional awareness, but also social awareness.
Solar Plexus defined
Your feelings are in motion all the time. Because you feel differently about the same or the same person at different times, you can come to a deep clarity of Emotional Awareness. However, you can also tend to act on how you feel in the moment, which can lead you to make decisions that are not good for you. You are here to experience feelings changing over time. The more nervous you are, the less clarity you have. It is then important to wait for your emotional wave before making a decision about something.
Solar Plexus undefined
Your feelings are in motion all the time. Because you feel differently about the same or the same person at different times, you can come to a deep clarity of Emotional Awareness. However, you can also tend to act on how you feel in the moment, which can lead you to make decisions that are not good for you. You are here to experience feelings changing over time. The more nervous you are, the less clarity you have. It is then important to wait for your emotional wave before making a decision about something.

This is the Center of intuition and well-being. About 55% of people have this Center defined and about 45% undefined. The biological correspondence is the lymphatic immune system.
It is one of the three Centers of Consciousness. Its function is to keep us healthy and safe in the present moment. It is the oldest form of Consciousness and relates to the time when we were closer in form to mammals. A time when we had to know if something was going to eat us. Intuition is a fleeting, subtle energy that shows itself once in the moment and is intended to warn us of what is good and healthy for us, or bad and unhealthy. It is a Center full of different fears. Healthy and unhealthy fears.
Spleen defined
You have a built-in survival awareness that gives you early warning of impending danger. You can experience this as a real fear, holding you from the inside, or as a sensation, such as tingling skin, or, for example, as a sudden 'knowing' in the moment. This awareness can be extremely fast and has humorous potential. There's plenty for you to get a good laugh at and your quick wit is part of what makes you you. You may have a tendency to take your health for granted.
Spleen undefined
You do not have a consistent moment-to-moment awareness of potential danger or lack thereof in your environment. This means that you may feel insecure if something suddenly overtakes you.
You may feel overwhelmed by various fears. At the same time, you can sometimes be fearless in situations where people with a defined spleen are genuinely afraid. While that sounds nice, fear is very healthy, it keeps you safe. It's wise to be anxious in potentially dangerous situations, but without constant alertness to what might be threatening, you can't always react quickly enough and be caught off guard by something sudden, or overreacting to something that isn't a real threat.

This is the Center of vital energy. About 66.5% of people have Sacral defined and about 33.5% undefined. The biological correspondences are the ovaries and testes.
It is an engine of vitality and power, or life energy available to consistently do, build, be creative and work. It is also the Center of Sexuality and Fertility.
Sacral defined
Anyone with a defined Sacral Center belongs to it type that we call a Generator This Center gives a reaction to the things around you, which makes you energetically say 'yes' or 'no' to something, often perceived as a feeling in combination with a sound or physical movement. If there is a withdrawal response, or no response at all, then you have no energy available for whatever comes up. If there is a positive reaction, then that energy is there. You have a built-in limit to using this powerful energy and know when you've worked enough and need to stop.
Sacral undefined
With an undefined Sacral Center you are not designed for sustained, consistent work. You don't have the energy to work for a long time. Because you increase the Sacral energy of people around you with a defined Center, you tend to work extremely hard. But with no built-in limit to using this powerful energy, you tend to go on and on, which is detrimental to your body and can lead to exhaustion. It's good for you to retire regularly.

The Root, like the Head, is a Center of Pressure. About 60% of people have this Center defined and about 40% undefined. It is also one of the four motors in the Human Design System and is associated with the adrenal glands and the production of stress hormones. It provides fuel to take care of our essential bodily needs for food, shelter, and
safety. It contains the vitality that leads to joy in one's life and provides a balance between rest and being busy with what needs to be done to secure and improve existence.
Root defined
You are designed to handle the stresses associated with securing your life in a consistent and manageable way. You have an internal pressure and energy reserves to get yourself moving in a certain way so that your zest for life is fueled. There is a balance in your life between getting things done and enjoying periods of relaxation and quiet. Reserves of "extra" wealth are available to take your life to the next level if that need arises. You are designed to stay grounded even in stressful situations.
Root undefined
On a material level you can easily feel sad, unfounded and insecure. You are prone to stress and the pressure you feel from others to do things. The result may be that you run around in a panic and rush to do things to get rid of that pressure. This allows you to live at a pace that is unsustainable for you and creates enormous tension. You are not made to function under great pressure. A life with little urgency and a lot of time suits you.

You’re specialness lies in differentiation. Everything about a RAVE BodyGraph, everything about your Human Design is understanding that your specialness lies in differentiation.
There is after all nobody like you, never will be, cannot be. You are the only example of you. And as long as you’re trying to be like something else, that example is lost. And the totality suffers for its loss.
~ Ra Uru Hu