Human Design integrates the following systems: Astrology, Chinese I-Ching, Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, Tree of Life of the Zohar-Kabbalah tradition, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemics.

The basis of Human Design are the subatomic particles called neutrinos, as described in quantummechanics.These are produced in stars and are the most abundant particles in the universe. They are so small that they pass through all the masses. The planets and our bodies, so we are affected by these neutrinos at every moment.

The sun is our largest producer of neutrinos. She produces 70% of all neutrinos that move through the earth. The rest comes from other stars.

When a neutrino passes through a planet, it is affected by it. The particle takes, as it were, a piece of information from that planet. If that same neutrino then reaches us, we will also be affected by that planet. In this way we receive information all the time from the universe. You could think of the stream of neutrinos, or the breath of the stars, as what is called times chi or prana in ancient times, which means spirit or spiritual energy.

A Human Design mandala consists of two wheels with a BodyGraph at the core. The BodyGraph shows the Centers and Channels (based on the Chakra system and the Tree of Life).
In the inner wheel you will find the twelve constellations. They are part of the mandala because Human Design uses astrological calculations to arrive at the position of planets. Being able to determine that position makes it clear which planets you are influenced by at the time of your birth, as well as about 88 days before you were born. Those planets determine which Centers and Channels in a BodyGraph (or person) are turned on, so to speak. In Human Design terms we then call it 'definition', so how you are defined as a human being.

The outer wheel consists of 64 numbers, just like the Chinese I'Ching. These numbers are called hexagrams and each hexagram represents certain information. So there are 64 pieces of information, which are in turn divided into six “lines” (384 lines in total).
In the 1950s, Watson and Crick discovered that the principle of our genetic code consists of the same mathematics as the I'Ching. They have exactly the same binary (two-fold) structure.
The 64 hexagrams of the I'Ching are used in Human Design to understand and translate our genetic imprint, or definition, into the graphic representation of the BodyGraph. If the position of the planets has been calculated with the help of the inner wheel at a certain time, the corresponding position of the hexagrams in the outer wheel becomes clear.

The Human Design BodyGraph in the middle of the wheels consists of three parts: 9 Centers, 64 Gates and the Channels that connect the Gates. The Centers are based on the Chakra system, the Gates correspond to the hexagrams and the Channels, which connect Centers and Gates, have their origin in the Tree of Life in the Zohar/Kabbalah tradition.

Two calculations are done to create a BodyGraph. First, the position of the planets at the time of birth is calculated (using the astrological inner wheel). This determines which Gates (corresponding to the Hexagrams in the outer wheel) are defined in the Centers at that specific time. This definition is about your personality, about the part of your being you are aware of and is shown in black in the BodyGraph.
Secondly, the position of the planets is calculated about 88 days before you were born. The definition that comes from this is about your body, called Design in Human Design. It's the part of your being that you unconsciously carry within you. This is shown in red in the BodyGraph.
All these pieces of information together form a unique combination of definitions that are explained by themes. That which is defined expresses itself in a consistent, or fixed way throughout your life, while everything that is not defined, expresses itself in an inconsistent, or inconclusive way. In the openness of your BodyGraph you are sensitive to conditioning. Others, who are defined there, transmit their consistent energy, that you receive in your openness. As human beings, we are constantly influencing each other.