Over mij

The point is: Are you awake? Being awake is not going up into the Himalayas and doing mantras for 35 years, and it isn’t about waiting for some kind of light to shine. It is simply following your nature and being yourself.

Ra Uru Hu

When I was little, our family went on summer and winter vacations to the forests in Germany or the mountains in Austria. Usually we stayed on a small farm where I immediately felt at home. Everything existed as itself. Cats, cows, trees can only live in an authentic way, something that people seem to have lost a bit. An animal, or plant, lives in the now, while people often lose themselves in thoughts about the past and the future.

Since a long time I live in the sparsely populated province of Västerbotten in Sweden. In a small village surrounded by vast coniferous forests and lakes.

What it means to be myself has been formed, among other things, by connecting three disciplines or ways of life in a practical way: psychology, spirituality and Human Design.

I studied psychology in Amsterdam and I have been involved in spirituality since I moved abroad in 2008. I follow the work of several spiritual leaders including Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer and apply their teachings in my life.

The first time I saw a Human Design BodyGraph I was immediately fascinated. I was so attracted to it that I enrolled in the study. The more I deal with it, the more I benefit from the information, that provides answers to all kinds of questions about humanity.

In my Human Design practice I use techniques from cognitive psychology and mindfulness (awareness) to transfer the knowledge, so that you can apply it in your life in a way that is useful to you. I always bring it back to your personal Human Design BodyGraph, because you can only be yourself if you surrender to your uniqueness, to what makes you different from everyone else.

My Human Design BodyGraph: Projector with Emotional Authority