Human Design knows four Types: (Manifesting) Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors, each with a specific Aura. Below are five pictures, but the Manifesting Generators and Generators are essentially the same type.

(Manifesting) Generators, the builders
About 68% of the population belongs to this Type. The Generator's accompanying Strategy is to participate in life by waiting for things to come to them so they can respond. If they initiate instead of waiting for a response, they usually get frustrated. Generators are the life force on the planet and made to know themselves by observing their reactions. By making choices according to their reactions, they experience satisfaction in their life and work. Work is their gift to the world.
Aura: open and eveloping
Definition: Sacral

Projectors,the guides
About 22% of the population belongs to this Type. The associated Strategy of the Projector is to wait for their specific qualities to be recognized and invited to things in life. By being invited, they experience recognition and success in their interactions. If they initiate instead of waiting for an invitation, they experience resistance and rejection, resulting in bitterness. Understanding and guiding others is their gift to the world.
Aura: focused and absorbing
Definition: undefined Sacral and no connection from the Heart, Rood, or Solar Plexus to the Throat

Manifestors,the initiators
About 8% of the population belongs to this type. The accompanying Strategy of the Manifestor is to inform others of their decisions, before taking an action, to eliminate resistance. When these people cannot manifest in peace, they experience anger. Manifestors are created to have a powerful influence and to create mechanisms for the other Types. Initiating is their gift to the world. (Unsurprisingly, the founder of Human Design was a Manifestor.)
Aura: closed and repelling
Definition: undefined Sacral and a connection from the Heart, Root or the Solar Plexus with the Throat

About 2% of the population belongs to this Type. The Reflector's associated Strategy is to wait out a full lunar cycle before making any major decisions. They enjoy the surprises that life offers. If they initiate instead of following their Strategy, they become disappointed in life. Reflectors are made to be "the judges" of humanity, to reflect on the wrongs humanity is doing to itself. It is their gift to the world to clearly distinguish one from the other.
Aura: resistent en sampling
Definition: alle Centra ongedefinieerd